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With more than 15 years of experience, Auto Body Collision Repair is one of the most reliable collision centers around the New Jersey Area.

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With certified technicians on staff we offering the highest levels of service and repair to you and your vehicle.

Not all about the dollars

Many body shops use aftermarket parts for the repair pressured by the insurance company. Sadly, aftermarket parts aren’t always the best option if you want to restore your vehicle to optimum condition.

Latest Technology

Not only do we provide high quality repairs, but, we are an environmentally-friendly auto body and paint repair center.

What Can We Do For You?

Once the car has arrived, it goes straight to the Collision Damage Appraisal Area. There, the vehicle is inspected, for any visible damage for the report.  More often than not, collisions cause hidden damage that can only be discovered once the vehicle has been disassembled and the structure exposed.

Vehicle Inspections

After rigorous inspections during each step of the repairs are done, we have a final vehicle inspection that surpasses the requirements the manufacturer would need! We do not let one thing get passed us.

Frame Repair

One of the most important repair is the frame/inner structure of the car. Not all vehicles have the same frame structures, for example, pick up trucks sit on an heavy duty bolted on steel frame

Body Repair

Body repair on a vehicle requires years of experience for it to look the same way it was prior to the accident after the repairs. A skilled technician completes the work with a perfect OEM fit.

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We take pride in providing quality repairs to our customer’s vehicles and all cars undergo a thorough quality inspection prior to delivery.

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Auto Body Repair & Collision Experts is the exclusive authorized repair center for many of New Jersey’s top dealerships.

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