Cross-Country Logistics Services

  • Whether you’re looking to move Produce from your Small Farm in Oklahoma to New York or are looking to relocate Company Utilities to a new warehouse thirty miles away.


What SEA-A Truck Lines Transports.




General Freight


Long & Short Distance

Any Size, Any Distance.

Our Drivers are Ready Every Single Day of the Year to hit the Road and Haul Freight across the Lower 48 States. Whether you Need a Fully Refrigerated Trailer for Fresh Produce or you’re Looking to Transport your Office Goods to a new Office. We are here to help.


Unlike Most of Our Competitors, We Care About taking Care of the Environment. From going the Extra Mile to Save Fuel to making sure our Rigs even meet California Certified Clean Idle Regulations.

State of the Art

At SEA-A Truck Lines Providing Dependable Carrier Freight Transporting is our Number One Goal. 

Highly Trained

With over Thirty-Years of Cross Country Transporting our Professional Drivers ensure the Safe Transporting of all Good Loaded on Every SEA-A Trailer. 

Efficient Coast to Coast Logistic Transportation

Refrigerated "Reefer" Trailer

Refrigerated Trailers are the Second most commonly used trailers to Transport items on U.S. Interstates. These are usually Dry Van Trailers that have been Insulated and have had Cooling Systems installed to keep Enclosed Produce Fresh. These types of Trailers are usually used to transport Frozen Food and Fresh Produce. From time to time you may even have Pharmaceutical Goods Shipped via Reefers.

Dry Van Trailer

Dry Vans, otherwise known as Enclosed Trailers are some of the most common Freight Containers for Shipping Cargos on U.S. Interstates. They’re simply Flatbeds with a box around it to weatherproof and keep loads dry. Items such as Clothes, Food, and Electronics are usually Shipped within Dry Van Trailers. Most Freight Materials loaded onto Dry Van Trailers are Stacked on Pallets and Commonly Loaded and Unloaded using either a Forklift or a Pallet Jack.

Number of Trucks

Years of Experience

Satisfied Customers

Number Of cross country trips

Regular Freighting Routes

Dependable Coast to Coast Temperature Controlled Freight

Seattle, Washington to New York, New York
Portland, Oregon to Augusta, Maine
Los Angeles, California to Washington D.C.
Las Vegas, Nevada to Miami, Florida
Houston, Texas to New York, New York
Helena, Montana to Wilmington, North Carolina
Kansas City, Kansas to Richmond, Kentucky

Client Testimonials

Thanks to Sea A Truck Lines, I was able to get all my Fresh Produce From my Ranch in Oregon to my Customer Located in New York State with No Issues at all!! Sea A was fully transparent with where he was whenever I gave him a ring to check up on where my produce was!

Jose G.

SEA A Truck Lines was able to get my Office Furniture from Seattle to Washington D.C. in NO TIME!!! SEA was also able to offer me an unbeatable quote.

Carl L.

I Run a Completely Organic  Supermarket on Long Island, NY, and getting Fresh Produce to our Location has always been a NIGHTMARE. With SEA-A I was able to get my Produce in the best Condition without paying a ridiculous amount of money.

Stephanie M.

Unlike other Truck Line Companies, SEA A Offers great customer service. I knew SEA was just a call away throughout the entire trip.

Thomas W.

I used to get hit with extremely large quotes when it came to transporting my produce across the country. Now I have SEA A who works around our schedule and who even works with our Price Range!

Taylor I.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Temperature Controlled Freight?

Refrigerated Trucking is a Freight Shipping Method in which we Specialize in transporting certain Products that require Temperature Controlled Conditions. Our Built-In Refrigeration System helps keep all Products in the Pre-Shipped State.

What States do you Operate in?

While Most of Our Routes run from the Pacific Northwest to the Rust Belt/New England, we are able to set up Special Accommodations For Our Clients.

How Will My Final Rate be Calculated?

Rates are based on distance, weight, length, and height, density, ease of handling, value, and liability from things like theft, damage, break-ability, and spoilage. Typically the lower the NMFC class number for your shipment the lower the freight charge will be.

How Quick Can I get a Quote?

Quotes are Guaranteed within 24 Hours. You Can either Request a Quote Online or Give us a Call.

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